Sneaky searching with a Fake ArcGIS Locator and Nancy

Building a fake locator service using Nancy that works with the ArcGIS JS geocode dijit.

Generating Test Data for Hosted Feature Services

Automatically generating random data for hosted feature services on ArcGIS Online.

Esri Dev Summit 2014

My thoughts on the 9th Esri Internationl Developer Summit in Palm Springs.

TechEd NZ 2013

With TechEd 2013 having just finished here in New Zealand I thought I'd take the opportunity to summarize my thoughts on the conference this year.

ArcGIS.PCL - The What, Why & How

A closer look at ArcGIS.PCL. A Portable class library for .NET for Windows Store apps, .NET framework 4.5, Silverlight 4 and higher & Windows Phone 7.5 and higher that can work with ArcGIS Server types and resources as well as converting between ArcGIS Features and GeoJSON FeatureCollections.

ArcGIS Online OAuth with ServiceStack

Use OAuth from ArcGIS Online by adding a new application to ArcGIS for Developers. In this example we integrate it with ServiceStack to show how it can be used in a real world scenario.