Rotated Icons with Leaflet

A quick way of rotating your icons on a Leaflet Map

Console yourself with NuGet

A collection of useful NuGet packages when writing console applications

New Zealand Esri User Conference 2014

A note on our conference for this year and my presentations.

Simple Extent Sharing for your Map App

A simple way of saving and sharing the extent of your ArcGIS JS map app.

Using ArcGIS Server with Xamarin Forms Maps

Xamarin recently released Xamarin Forms for cross platform UI development and maps were an additional component of that. This post shows how you can add data from ArcGIS Server to your Xamarin Maps using the ArcGIS.PCL.XamarinMaps NuGet package.

ArcGIS.PCL Updates

Recent updates to the ArcGIS.PCL project including the better utilisation of it being a portable class library by taking advantage of the Bait & Switch trick.